How It Works


Welcome to BOTY Work

Membership grants you unlimited access to all locations at your convenience – no reservations are required. Login to view the locations and hours of all available workspaces. Help yourself to complimentary coffee, tea and water. Enjoy your monthly food and beverage credits for a working lunch, business dinner or social occasion with no restrictions.

Find a networking happy hour, community event, lecture or mastermind group that fits your schedule and make the most of the BOTY Work community. Use the BOTY mobile app to check in to workspaces, events and connect with other members.

Think outside the office.



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Check In

Choose a workspace location event then check in on BOTY App


Do your thing!

Grab a table, a beverage plug in your devices and enjoy your day

You might be wondering…


Why is BOTY Work so affordable?

By partnering with BOTY Work, restaurants benefit from utilizing the empty space during slower periods and BOTY Work can offer its members access to amazing spaces with superior food and beverage options.


Who can access BOTY Work spaces

While the restaurants are open to the public the tables and seating in the designated work spaces are only open to members. Complimentary coffee, tea, surge protectors and extension cords are also available exclusively to members.
Of course, this also includes people in a free trial that have not yet become members.


Do I have to purchase food while working at a BOTY Work Space

No. BOTY Work membership includes unlimited coffee and tea for members. Membership also includes a monthly food and beverage credit that can be used during or after BOTY Work hours. There is no obligation to buy food and no reason to feel you have overstayed your welcome.


Why don’t your spaces have the same hours every day?

We aim to deliver our members a consistent schedule, but every restaurant we partner with has its own schedule, and an occasional private event. Our location schedule is always updated with hours of operation across the network.


What is the noise level like? And on a related note, are there any noise restrictions I should be aware of?

Since our partner restaurants are open during the day the ambiance can vary. We work with restaurants to schedule BOTY Work hours during slow periods. We do not impose noise restrictions, allowing you to hold meetings, collaborate and make calls as you wish. Our members are respectful of their fellow co-workers.


Does my BOTY Work membership work in all cities?

Yes. BOTY Work members receive unlimited access to our entire network of locations—no matter which city you’re in. We currently have locations in the South Florida area with more cities coming soon.